Strides Consumer LLC strives to deliver value to all stakeholders – patients, investors and the community. Our mission is to bring safe, effective and affordable OTC products to market while operating to the highest standards of compliance and economy.

Our Products


Immediate & Long Lasting Pain Relief Cream

camphor/Glucosamine/Chondroitin Sulfate

JointFlex® Pain Relieving Cream provides powerful, fast-acting arthritis pain relief without a prescription. The JointFlex® formulation contains the active ingredient camphor plus Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate for skin conditioning. Only JointFlex® offers the proprietary “Fusome®” skin delivery system – this technology is believed to be a key factor behind the amazing clinical results. Now also available, JointFlex® Pain Relief Cream with Turmeric.


Advanced Sleep Aid


NiteThru®️ is different. Armed with a specially-formulated Dual Stage Release Technology, this over-the-counter sleep aid incorporates fast-acting powder and long-lasting beads in every capsule. NiteThru®️ quickly releases an initial dose of melatonin and then continues to supply a steady stream of additional melatonin throughout the night. This unique formulation helps you fall asleep fast, and then sleep soundly for hours. NiteThru helps support continuous, undisturbed sleep – for up to 7 hours or longer.